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Axel Prahl-Jung

Axel Prahl Jung – Axel Prahl grew up with his brother in Neustadt, Holstein. Her stepfather worked at the employment agency, her mother in sales. As a child, he played Irish folk music. While vacationing in Germany, he worked as a beer driver, lane worker, and waitress. At the age of 14, Prahl entered and won a local music competition, qualifying for the state level. He decided not to participate, fearing that success would change his life forever.

In addition to a one-year internship in metal processing while attending a vocational school, he obtained his Abitur. This was followed by five semesters of music and math studies at Kiel University of Education. A former roommate suggested she go to drama school. Finally, from 1982 to 1985, he studied theater for three years in Kiel.

Married twice, Prahl had two daughters from the first marriage and two twins from the second. He married for the third time in 2014! Prahl has lived in Berlin since 1992. Prahl made her acting debut at the Schleswig-Holstein State Theater in 1984. A series of shows at the Renaissance Theater followed, including a performance at the Grips Theater.

During his acting training, Prahl was a member of the Ougenweide group, later he founded the group Impuls. Before Prahl decided to become an actor, he was a musician and also performed on stage. Sleeping Dogs with Max Färberböck is her first television role. For an episode of Miami Vice in 1992, he credited Michael Chiklis. Night Shapes, his first feature film, was released in 1999 and featured him as a police officer. Since then, there have been several films in which he has played this character, including The Policewoman, Hope Dies Last, and even the upcoming The Borderman and the Girl.

Axel Prahl-Jung

A fruitful collaboration with filmmaker Andreas Dresen began with the film Nachtgestalten. Half Stairs and Willenbrock received the Adolf Grimme Award for their performances in Prahl’s Policewoman. His partner in the WDR crime scene investigation team in Münster, Jan Josef Liefers, has been Chief Inspector Frank Thiel since 2002.

In addition to You Are Not Alone, Prahl also wrote the theme song for the 2007 feature film You Are Not Alone. In the music video for Wenn eshapen by the band Wir sind Helden, he appears as a salesman. Unnamed group: Prahl and Andreas Dresen cover songs by Rio Reiser and Gerhard Gundermann in their repertoire. Since 2007, Prahl has hosted the annual open-air music and cabaret event Inselleuchten in Marienwerder. During moderation, he often plays music and improvises on stage. Prahl belongs to an association called Kulturreich Barnim, which raises funds for this festival.

Thorsten Nagelschmidt’s audiobook Wo die wilden Maden dig was released on February 27, 2009 and Prahl can be heard as a guest speaker alongside Farin Urlaub. In 2013, Prahl narrated the audiobook North Western. In 2014, he played identical twins Jochen and Christian Lichtenberg in the comedy Mistaken Identity. The Lichtenberg family consists of three wives and two brothers.

When Berlin band Knorkator released their album Ich bin der Boss in September 2016, Prahl sang the song Sitz dich, sit down, which he also featured in their music video. Kuh Prahl wrote film music for the first time. He played the song he wrote for the movie on the piano. His role as Wim, Vanessa Mai’s father in the ARD television series Nur mit Dir, will be seen in 2020. Two of his songs, In My Dream and Ritual, can be heard in the film.

Additionally, Mai and Spiegel collaborated on a duet for their sixth studio album, Foreveris. In addition to pop singer Roland Kaiser, he played Marko in Ute Wieland’s TV movie Eisland. Also in 2021, he and fellow actor Jan Josef Liefers recorded a cover of John Lennon’s Happy Xmas featuring Kaiser and the two. Axel Prahl is best known in Germany as Commissioner “Tatort” “Frank Thiel”. His first jobs were on the streets as an artist and a railroad worker.

As a young musician, German actor Axel Prahl dreams of one day succeeding. Spain was the free spirit’s first station after he interrupted a locksmith apprenticeship. He works as a busker, railroad worker, and beer driver while living in the city. He then devoted himself to the study of music and mathematics at the Kiel University of Education and caught up with his technical diploma. He also earned an acting degree from 1982 to 1985, which can be seen on his resume.

The stage for Axel Prahl is above all the theatre. It’s not all work and play for him; occasionally he also appears in the group “Ougenweide”. Axel Prahl, on the other hand, eventually pursued a career in acting and became successful in this field of endeavor. German TV shows such as “Schlafende Hunde”, “Bella Block – Die Komissarin” and “Nachtgestalten” also allowed him to break into the film industry. For his roles in “The Police Woman”, “Hope Dies Last” and “The Border Guard and the Girl”, he received acting awards, including the coveted “Adolf Grimme Prize”.

Axel Prahl-Jung

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