Are Sharon and Jan still a couple? All the details

The latest episode hit TV screens on Thursday, but filming was a few weeks old. During the big reunion, the bachelor found some of the participants after the broadcast on RTL, including her chosen one.

Sharon and Jan are a couple

The big question tonight: Are Sharon and Jan still a couple? After various criticisms and discussions, the two finally revealed the secret: “Yes, we are still together.” It was much more fun in real life than in front of the cameras, said the bachelor and was enthusiastic: “I am very happy.” Jan also beamed all over her face and nodded in agreement. “It’s very, very harmonious between us,” he explained.

The florist and the actress had had to conduct their relationship, so fresh, behind closed doors until this moment. Not an easy task. “Either we met in his apartment or in mine, with his or my family,” says the 30-year-old.

The two are still in a long-distance relationship between Cologne and Hanover. But in the long term, the future together should lie in Jan’s hometown. The florist runs a family business there. Sharon is professionally more independent of where you live. But she wants to keep her apartment in Cologne for the time being.

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