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Andreas Caminada Family

Family Andreas Caminada – Corona brought him closer to his relatives. Andreas Caminada spoils his guests at Schloss Schauenstein with gastronomic masterpieces. He loves to cook for his sons. Which of dad’s dishes do they prefer and which is the most difficult at the table? GR house in Furstenau

Andreas Caminada, 43, gently pulls out two green leaves and places them under Finn, 6’s nose. “Tgei ei ei ei ei ei ei ei e – What is it actually?” he asks his child in Romansh. “Jeu sai buc,” he said. “I’m not sure,” he said.
If we are going to make a tomato and mozzarella salad, this is what we need. “Basil!” Cla, 4, rushes to her father and exclaims, “I want to smell too!” The top chef’s garden is a few meters below his restaurant Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau, GR.

Caminada’s three men are almost daily visitors here. “We planted vegetables and flowers all by ourselves,” boasts Finn. Cla takes a strawberry from her father’s hand and puts it in her mouth. Caminada gets rougher as the boys begin to douse each other with water from the watering can.

“Uss ei finiu, boys! says the narrator. It’s ready now. The boys burst into laughter looking at dad with the same wide eyes. The 19-point chef turns everything that grows in the garden, including basil, chives and cabbage, into little works of art in his world-class kitchen. Caminada has been in Fürstenau for 17 years.

His story reads like a fairy tale: he rented the castle when he was in his twenties. He and his then-girlfriend handed out fliers throughout the region and used them to advertise their 49-franc celebratory meal. “At the time, we worked in the kitchen from eight in the morning until past midnight.” My father scrubbed the dishes then wiped us with a rag.

Andreas Caminada Family

At 30, he was voted “Chef of the Year” and his restaurant has received 19 GaultMillau points since 2009. The following year, Schloss Schauenstein was awarded three Michelin stars and has since been on the list of the best hotels in the world. . The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world has been published since 2011. Andreas Caminada is the king of chefs in the country. However, the monarch does not reside in the castle, but in the neighboring stable. Last year, he and his 42-year-old wife Sarah turned an old barn into their own home.

“It’s important for me to be closer to the children,” says Caminada. He wants to have a conscious experience with his sons and see them grow. “I don’t want to be an occasional parent.” However, the king does not reside in the castle.

but next door in the stables Last year, he and his 42-year-old wife Sarah turned an old barn into their own home. “It’s important for me to be closer to the children,” says Caminada. He wants to experience his sons consciously and see them grow. “I don’t want to be a parent who just pops in once in a while.” The confinement has changed the attitude of the father of the family.

I have had time to reflect on what has happened over the past 17 years. And what is important for me in the future. “Of course my family,” he said. “I’ve always been pumped. Now I want to spend more time with my sons. That’s why I won’t go international in the future.” It deals with guests, not international listings and prices. I would like to work in Fürstenau, but I would also like to maintain and improve my cooking skills.

“Celebrity chef restaurants usually book months in advance.” “We are happy to be open again after Corona.” However, we didn’t know how many people would come. Fortunately, people crave good food and good company. That makes me happy ! He employs 60 people in Fürstenau. “Getting everyone through the crisis without firing anyone was crucial for me.

Caminada grew up in Sagogn, a small village in Surselva. “My mother’s cooking was usually simple but delicious. Her vegetables came from her own garden. That’s how I am today.” Capuns and Pizokel, two Grisons classics, were among her favourites. who ran a plastering shop, and my brother and I were usually terribly hungry,” she says.

Today’s cuisine reflects this simplicity and its origins. “It’s important for me to harvest as many ingredients as possible from the region.” One of its producers lives in Paspels, just above the castle. Farmer Georg Blunier, 39, also known as Schorsch, supplies Caminada with meat and grain. Andreas Caminada says: “He is a nice man, he was an artist in Zurich.”

Markus Pfeiffer, 39, from Tomils GR, supplies the top chef with fruit. “I always see what I get and modify my menu accordingly,” he says. “At this point, the cherries are fully ripe. I make a dessert and save the rest for the winter. The lord of the castle even makes his own honey. Beekeeper Gion Grischott from the nearby town of Pignia tends to Caminada’s four bee colonies, which are a stone’s throw from the castle. The chief came to the door of the beard four years ago and asked if he could put bees near the castle. They now make 1000 jars of honey a year. Caminada sells it at the Farmer’s Market and uses it in cooking to make things like bee stings.

Andreas Caminada Family

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