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Anatoly Chubai’s net worth

Anatoly Chubais net worth – Russian entrepreneur Anatoly Chubais is well known in the business world of his native country. While a member of Boris Yeltsin’s cabinet in the 1990s, Anatoly Chubais played an important role in bringing the market economy and private property to Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

As chairman of RAO UES, Russia’s national energy monopoly, Chubais was ranked 54th in the Financial Times’ 2008 list of the world’s most admired business leaders. He was born on June 16, 1955 to a Soviet-era family in Borisov, Belarus. Raisa Efimovna Chubais and Boris Matveyevich Chubais had a son.

Her mother was of Lithuanian descent while her father was Russian. Growing up, Chubais’ father, a retired colonel and World War II veteran, served in the military before becoming a professor of philosophy. Several sources estimate its value between 28 and 32 million dollars.

Net worth of Anatoly Chubai: 30 million euros (estimate)

When Lyudmila Chubais and Anatoly Chubais married in 1978, they divorced in 1989. Her third marriage was to Avdotya Smirnova; He divorced Maria Davidovna Vishnevskaya in 2011. Olga and Aleksey Chubais are his children. Anatoly Chubais enjoys politics, literature, karate, athletics, and exploring the world through travel and research, as well as movies and music. Anatoly Chubais’ interests are insignificant. He soon founded Reforma, a non-profit organization.

A year earlier, the Financial Times ranked him 54th among the most admired CEOs. He is a multi-millionaire who advocated post-Soviet economic liberalization. In the early 1990s, he contributed to the introduction of market economy and private ownership in Russia and was responsible for privatization. According to the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, Chubais was elected “Teacher of the year”.

He has been called Russia’s only professional reformer for his efforts to decentralize the distribution of power, introduce market forces into the system, and transform the institutional framework of the state into an attractive one for investment and development. private management.

Chubais was appointed special envoy in December 2020. During Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, he served as Vice President Boris Yeltsin and Chairman of the Presidential Administration. Over the following decades, he rose through the career ladder in various well-known companies. One of the most famous liberals in the Russian government, Chubais has been a strong advocate for economic change in recent years.

Critics say Russian billionaires were allowed to get rich while millions of Russians lived in poverty. Chubais was, among other things, chairman of a liberal opposition party and chairman of the state-owned technology company Rusnano.

Russian economist Chubais received an honorary degree from the International Union of Economists in December 2001 for his significant contributions to Russia, in particular for his work in which he used advanced international experience to develop modern methods of administration , economy, finance and production process and implement .

In recognition of his services to Russian democracy and his role in drafting part of the Russian constitution, Chubais received a Presidential Commendation in 2008. His “major contribution to state policy on nanotechnology and his many years of valuable work” was recognized in 2010 when he was awarded Russia’s fourth highest honour, the Order of Merit to the Fatherland.

Anatoly Chubai’s net worth

Anatoly Sobchak was elected chairman of the Leningrad city council in 1990, and Chubais – vice-chairman. Creation of a free economic zone in Leningrad under the leadership of Sobchak. A year later, Chubais declined an invitation to become chairman of Leningrad Ispolkom, preferring instead to work as an adviser in the government of newly elected mayor Sobchak. Additionally, Chubais served as the first president of the Wassily Leontief Center for Economic Research, an organization he co-founded.

With the help of Chubais and his team, the Russian energy industry has received over $30 billion in private investment. To this end, another 130 blocks with a total power of about 29,000 MW have been built, as well as 10,000 kilometers of transmission lines, 60,000 kilometers of distribution network lines and tens of thousands of substations. of different voltage classes.

As a result of his reforms, foreign exchange payments were abolished in this industry and the number of payment defaults was drastically reduced. Although Vladimir Putin was not a liberal successor, Chubais survived the transition from Yeltsin to Putin. Instead of speaking out, like his friend Nemtsov, against the terrible war in Chechnya or the opposition television alliance with the new president, the Beatles fan Chubais remained silent.

As early as 1996, Chubais aided Putin in his quest for a new post in Moscow’s presidential administration after he was sacked for losing local news sections. “Putin gave him important positions as a sign of respect,” Travin said of Putin. These, on the other hand, would have been politically insensitive. Chubais and other liberals have been marginalized in the Kremlin for the past two decades.

He is the highest Kremlin politician to resign since the war began a month ago, and opponents call him the “red devil” because of his haircut. Vladimir Putin’s former special envoy for contacts with foreign organizations and climate czar would be in Turkey and would not think of returning. Since the fall of the wall, only one market liberal has succeeded the Kremlin: Chubais,

Putin’s replacement. Only a native Belarusian could benefit from the country’s political changes after the collapse of the Soviet Union like the native Belarusian. Mikhail Gorbachev, a young member of the CPSU who also strongly believed in free-market capitalism, caught his eye with his charisma during The Last Years of the Soviet Union.

Anatoly Chubai’s net worth

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