Amber Heard fails with her request for a new trial

Next setback for Amber Heard: her attempt to overturn the verdict in the defamation lawsuit against ex Johnny Depp has been rejected.

For weeks, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had a public mud fight in court. These were allegations of violence, defamation and a lot of money. In early June, the actor emerged victorious from the lawsuit, and his ex-wife had to pay him millions.

“No Evidence of Fraud or Wrongdoing”

Judge Penney Azcarate on Wednesday denied a request for a new trial by Heard’s attorneys despite confusion in one of the seven jurors. According to Heard’s attorneys, a man served on the jury during the trial in Fairfax, Va., although his father was actually called to serve on the jury. Both have the same name and live at the same address.

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