All about Mon Mothma, the Star Wars character returning in Disney+’s Andor

The senator Mon Mothma is a presence of considerable importance in the saga of Star Wars. So his arrival in the series Andorwhich will soon be available on Disney+, makes clear the point of view that the production will explore. As a silent heroine, rather unobtrusive, but necessary to understand power in the Empire the character grew with the franchise. Much more, he became of fundamental value in understanding how the Rebellion came to infiltrate the highest spheres of influence.

With its dark and adult tone, Andor will explore another dimension of the saga imagined by George Lucas, which is more related to politics and, also, with the rigors of the galaxy under the authoritarian fist of the Empire. This allows him to move through new regions of the great known stories. At the same time, explore the daily life of several of its central faces, away from battlefields and attacks aboard ships in hyperspace.

So Mon Mothma is, perhaps, an essential point in tying the different facets of the story together. The premise of the series Andor will recount the dawn of the Rebellion, before it was a full-fledged organized group. That includes early attempts by politicians and other officials to lend support to the opposition to the Emperor. Something that was hinted at in several stories from Star Warsbut that in Andor takes on special relevance.

The story of a powerful woman in Star Wars arrives at Andor

All about Mon Mothma, the Star Wars character returning in Disney+'s 'Andor'.
Mon Mothma’s first appearance was brief. However, gave rise to several narratives of enormous impact on the franchise. The senator had an appearance of about one minute in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It was she who recalled that the plans for the Death Star were obtained due to the sacrifice of a group of rebels. The same line that, decades later, gave rise to the now iconic film Rogue One.

It is no accident that the spin-off of the story of the tragic mission include Sen. Particularly when the plot delves into the political realm of the Empire, from a novel perception. Mon Mothma linked the Rebel Alliance with what was happening in the highest strata of power. It was thanks to her that the various cells were able to understand how the bureaucratic apparatus of the regime worked. At the same time, what was the line of action they could follow to attack and defeat its enormous power.

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In the canon of Star Warsthe senator has an illustrious career. As a member of the Galactic Senate in the last days of the Republic, she represented her home system of Chandrilla. She shares with Padme Amidala being one of the youngest people to serve on the political body. In fact, along with Bail Organa (Leia’s father), she was part of the so-called Loyalist Committee, dedicated to trying to preserve the ideals of the Republic. With their combined influence they tried to confront totalitarianism at the gates.

The power behind the Empire’s strings

After the fall of The Republic, Mon Mothma stood up to the Empire by remaining in the Senate and serving as a liaison between various factions opposing authoritarianism. A decade later, she left the Imperial Senate to join the Rebel Alliance. It was the senator who insisted on rescuing the scientist Galen Erso. Which, to some extent, makes her responsible in an indirect way for the events narrated in Rogue One.
All about Mon Mothma, the Star Wars character returning in Disney+'s 'Andor'.
In fact, Mon Mothma was pitted against Galen’s daughter, Jyn Erso. After her father’s death, the latter decided that she must steal the plans for The Death Star. It was then that the mission to Scarif became a symbol of commitment and bravery. The group succeeded in sending the Imperial construction plans at the cost of their lives. What became a painful legend within the histories of the Rebel Alliance.

With the civil war against the Empire at its hardest, the sacrifice of the group of Rogue One demonstrated the need for resistance. Mon Mothma then abandoned his tangential position to become chancellor of the Rebel Alliance. At the same time, she became one of its most dedicated commanders-in-chief. Ultimately, it was the senator who led the efforts until their total triumph, which crystallized with the battle of Endor.

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Andor and the complicated history of peace

After winning, Mon Mothma became the first chancellor of the New Republic. In order to avoid that her work could be linked to the work she had done before, she moved the seat of government to her native Chandrilla.

Soon, Coruscant was relegated as a center of power and, thanks to the senator, the custom of varying the place of exercise of the Senate was established. A decision that, according to the literary canon of Star Wars allowed the organ of power to regain its independence and credibility. One of the great legacies of the character, whose first attempts at freedom will be recounted in Andor.