Useful links for information on variety of topics- from nursing home inspections to hazardous material locations:

Prostitution arrests in Massachusetts in 2012, by town. (via Massachusetts State Police)

 Hospital inspections (via Association of Health Care Journalists)




Rhode Island:

New Hampshire:


For a list of resources that can help you produce more in-depth coverage of veterans' issues brings records and data from across the federal government to one central location, making it easier for citizens to hold public officials accountable.


Aircraft Registry Information-find the make, model, owner, city and state where a plane is registered


OSHA Inspection-find out about factories/companies: how many accidents have happened before, how often it has been issued violations, what the cause was and how much they were fined

Various databases including things like Hazardous Materials, boating accidents, bridges and dams, campus crime….

US Security and Exchange Commission, contains top executive salaries or publicly traded companies.


National Association of Better Business Bureaus- National database of companies, complaints filed against them


Consumer Product Safety Commission - List all recalls and collects data on injuries and deaths caused by consumer products


Federal Trade Commission - Search to see if the commission has sued or taken any action against a local company


National Association of Attorneys General