With a half-finished green house, licensed medical marijuana patient and caregiver Devin Noonan grows a total of 72 cannabis plants in Augusta, Maine.

Rarely inspected, medical marijuana caregivers could feed illegal markets

In an environment of conflicting medical marijuana laws across the country, caregivers operate almost entirely without government oversight, according to a News21 analysis of laws in the 23 states. State regulators acknowledge that this lack of oversight could and does encourage the illegal sale of marijuana by caregivers to people who may or may not hold a medical marijuana card.

A researcher uses a pipette to remove DNA from a micro test tube in this file photo.

Campaign aims to educate women and doctors about prenatal genetic tests

Quest Diagnostics, one of nation’s largest diagnostic testing companies, is funding a nationwide campaign by the Perinatal Quality Foundation — a national non-profit dedicated to improving obstetrical car — to raise awareness of cell-free DNA tests. NECIR recently corresponded with Dr. Douglas S. Rabin from Quest and Dr. Mary Norton of the Perinatal Quality Foundation about this new initiative.

Neal Heffron with his daughter and Lyme-stricken dog, Dani.

Lyme-infected dogs: 95 percent never develop symptoms; no such luck for Dani

That dogs are enormously susceptible to the ravages of ticks is no surprise, but there is uncertainty over just how many dogs that are bitten by ticks end up as sick as Dani, and why. Canine veterinarians and researchers who study Lyme disease in animals often cite the statistic that 95 percent of dogs exposed to Lyme never show symptoms, even though a screening test may turn up positive.