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Physician society urges better understanding of new prenatal tests

A pregnant woman

A national society of high-risk obstetricians urged health professionals to be more vigilant about prenatal screening tests in response to a New England Center for Investigative Reporting story that showed that some doctors and patients are placing too much faith in the tests' results, with several women inadvertently aborting healthy fetuses. Continue Reading →

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Prenatal Chat

A pregnant woman

A new generation of prenatal screening tests has exploded onto the market in the past three years. What do you need to know about prenatal screenings? What questions should you ask your doctor? Join our panel of experts to answer your questions about this complicated topic Continue Reading →

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Unexplained infant deaths to be reported to state social workers

A toy crib

Each year, dozens of Massachusetts children die suddenly and unexpectedly. But new guidelines — released in a report filed on the medical examiner’s website earlier this fall — already are prompting concern from some families and groups involved in the prevention of unexpected infant deaths, which include sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, as well as accidental suffocation and entrapment, and other unexplained causes. Continue Reading →

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