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Sudden infant death: Agency-linked babies more at risk

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Children in homes supervised by state social workers die suddenly and unexpectedly at least twice the rate of infants statewide, according to an analysis of the most recent available data by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. That suggests to child welfare advocates that more should be done to educate caretakers of some of the state’s most vulnerable children about how to minimize the risk of sudden death. Continue Reading →

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Full List of Rejected Tests

Which Tests Have Been Rejected Share Image

At least seven labs in the U.S. have been denied permission to offer Lyme tests over the past decade in New York, according to state records obtained by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. The state is the only one that performs a rigorous review of tests to ensure they identify what they claim to before they can be offered there. Continue Reading →

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Many Lyme disease tests may not accurately diagnose patients

Deer ticks that can infect people with Lyme disease are often no bigger than a poppy seed. (Lauren Owens/NECIR)

As Lyme disease becomes an increasingly challenging public health threat across the Northeast, a growing number of tests for the vexing ailment may be misdiagnosing patients when telling them that they have – or don't have – the tick-borne illness.

An exemption in federal regulations allows many labs to offer Lyme tests without proof that they accurately identify the disease, leaving anxious patients and their doctors to decide which tests to believe.

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Lyme Testimonial


I found a tick attached to my ankle after visiting the well-known garden complex Parc Guell and attending a music festival in Barcelona, Spain in June 2013. The engorged tick fell off in the shower and two days later I noticed a bulls-eye rash on my thigh. Continue Reading →

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Explosion of drug-dependent infants reveals weakness in Mass. child protection

The Grave of Mya Barry in Pine Hill Cemetery, Quincy, Mass. (John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe)

Mya Barry's brief life and untimely death point to weaknesses in a social services system that is struggling to deal with the region’s booming addiction to prescription and illegal drugs — a plague that has besieged hospitals with drug-exposed newborns and overwhelmed state social workers for the past five years. Continue Reading →

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