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Despite new anti-trafficking law, effort to shift focus to Johns struggles


When six men were arrested in downtown Boston in the fall of 2012 for allegedly seeking underage prostitutes in a police sting, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley touted the arrests and released the men’s names and pictures to local media. It was meant to put all potential sex buyers on notice – those seeking girls and women of any age could expect to be treated as criminals, part of a statewide get-tough-on-Johns campaign.
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Juvenile Life Without Parole: Massachusetts Moves Cautiously Towards Reform


Massachusetts juveniles incarcerated for life without parole will likely wait well into 2013 or beyond for a chance at reduced prison time as lawyers, prosecutors, legislators and advocates carefully craft a strategy to bring the state into compliance with new federal law outlawing the mandatory sentence. Continue Reading →

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Our Youngest Killers


One 16-year-old went looking for pot at a Brookline High School graduation party, then shot the guest of honor in the chest when he got a racial slur instead. The other 16-year-old stabbed a man 23 times inside his Springfield apartment, returning the next day to steal things from the victim’s home while his body lay nearby. Continue Reading →

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