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Homeowners sold out by cities? Investors foreclose on tax liens

Dartmouth town administrator Greg Barnes (left) auctions off some properties with tax liens to Bill Cowin, managing member of Tallage, LLC. (Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times)

As cash-strapped towns and cities around the Bay State face a mounting stash of unpaid tax liens, they are increasingly turning to for-profit companies to pursue delinquent owners -- prompting concerns among consumer advocates that vulnerable residents are being hit with astronomical fees and sometimes are losing their homes in the process. Continue Reading →

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A letter to Putin from NECIR journalist detained by Russian authorities


Dear Mr. Putin, Was it really necessary to replay a scene from a tired, old cold war movie? I’m referring to Thursday morning when your government dispatched at least six of its immigration agents to disrupt an investigative reporting workshop that a colleague and I were conducting at a hotel in your hometown of St. Petersburg. Among our “subversive” topics: how to be fair and balanced, ethical and thorough, and how to use data to be more precise and accurate. Continue Reading →

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