NECIR is funded by foundations, the Boston University College of Communication, individual donors and through revenue earned from the center’s training programs and content sales.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation
McCormick Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Hearst Foundation
• Deer Creek Foundation
Harbus Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation

Boston University College of Communication
The Boston University’s College of Communication journalism program—through NECIR-- trains reporters and serves the community by generating in-depth investigative reporting. The College of Communication is committed to supporting this important effort. Each year, its contribution funds a portion of the salary and benefits of the center’s two full-time staff and other operational expenses.

Individual Contributions
Contributions from individual donors are an important and significant source of support for NECIR’s work. NECIR aims to raise a total of $100,000 annually from individuals who are committed to our mission and our work.

Earned Revenue
Each year, an increasing percentage of NECIR’s budget is funded from earned revenue. In 2011, NECIR reached a milestone—about half of its operating costs were covered by revenue from training program tuition and content sales, including fees collected from subscribers to our “Public Eye” monthly investigative report.