Mission & Principles

Our mission is to use investigative journalism to strengthen democracy by exposing wrongdoing in the operations of New England governments, corporations, and institutions, and to equip others with the journalistic and informational tools to do the same.NECIR’s core mission is to arm citizens with information needed to participate fully in the democratic process.A major priority of our work is to serve the public interest by holding the powerful accountable through the exposure of social injustice, abuse of power, and governmental and institutional waste, fraud, mismanagement. NECIR accomplishes this goal by providing time-intensive, resource-rich, high-impact investigative journalism that deeply examines public issues affecting every citizen.NECIR also serves as a powerful public watchdog by carefully scrutinizing the actions and motives of public officials, elected and civic leaders, institutions, corporations and policy makers. Our goal is to use the tools of journalism to strengthen democracy by revealing injustice and the abuse of power and to bring about needed changes in laws, regulations, and in the operations of government, corporations, and institutions.Our topic areas include but are not limited to: education, public health and safety, the economy, money in politics, criminal justice and the environment.NECIR distributes its projects to the broadest possible audience using a variety of storytelling styles afforded by new technologies, including a variety of multimedia and multi-platform techniques. We aim to not only produce investigative projects but also provide a place for our listeners, viewers and readers to discuss our stories, submit ideas for investigative reports, and peruse the data we used to produce our work.NECIR also aims to serve as an aggregator for the best investigative stories in the six New England states to enhance recognition of the investigative and enterprise work being done across the region and to act as a model for the creation of other university-based investigative reporting collaboratives.NECIR also recognizes the importance of educating young journalists. The diverse team of college and high school interns working with us receive hands-on training and experience in investigative reporting. Summer programs aim to educate and inspire high school students and professional journalists to pursue investigative reporting in their home communities, whether that be in New England or abroad.In addition, NECIR offers advice and assistance to journalists working for our media partners. Our goal is to help promote investigative reporting in the newsrooms of each of our partners, boosting both the quality and quantity of investigative and enterprise reporting throughout New England. We work on joint investigations with reporters and editors at these outlets as well as assist them in pursuing investigations on their own, thus extending both our reach and theirs.At a time when news consumers are turning to the web for their information, NECIR believes that the survival of investigative reporting is dependent on coming up with new and creative ways to present and deliver long-form content to an online audience. Boston University, with its media experts and thousands of students, provides the perfect setting for us to experiment with how to more effectively distribute investigative content online.