Mass. appeals court upholds ruling dismissing DCF lawsuit

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A nonprofit’s effort to improve Massachusetts' struggling child welfare system hit another roadblock this week with an appeals court decision that closed the door on an effort to get the federal court to oversee reform. The court on Dec. 15 upheld a lower court decision dismissing a lawsuit filed against the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Chief Judge Sandra Lynch of the US First Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in the 40-page decision that a district court judge – while pointing out major deficiencies in the child welfare system – was correct in dismissing the suit filed by the New York-based national advocacy organization, Children’s Rights. Continue Reading →

Prenatal Chat

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A new generation of prenatal screening tests has exploded onto the market in the past three years. What do you need to know about prenatal screenings? What questions should you ask your doctor? Join our panel of experts to answer your questions about this complicated topic Continue Reading →