Foreclosure echo

Guillermo Galindo

When Guillermo Galindo lost his two-family Revere home to foreclosure in 2009, the soft-spoken Colombian thought he had finally freed himself from the flood of threatening collection letters from his lender and a ballooning, untenable debt. But that hope evaporated months later when Galindo received a letter from a lawyer claiming he owed $136,547 in losses for the family home he’d left behind. Continue Reading →

Failed projects and weak oversight lead to loss of state’s wetlands

A 3.4 acre constructed wetland is thriving near the Alewife MBTA station. Most wetland construction efforts, however, fail, and the state is now evaluating new ways to save soggy places that filter pollution, host hundreds of species and control floodwaters.

Three decades ago, Massachusetts became a darling of the environmental movement for requiring developers to replace virtually every square foot of wetlands they destroyed to build houses, parking lots and shopping malls. The policy was designed to slow the destruction of one of nature’s most underappreciated resources: Swamps, marshes, seasonal ponds and other soggy places. Today, the state’s landscape is pocked with hundreds of examples of that policy’s failure. Continue Reading →