Dr. Michael F. Holick

Critics blast BU doctor for child abuse defense

A Boston University doctor with a history of butting heads with the establishment is irking child abuse specialists nationwide by testifying in defense of parents accused of maltreatment — claiming that a rare genetic disease, not parental wrongdoing, is leading to children’s bone fractures. Dr. Michael F. Holick’ testimony — currently at issue in a child abuse case in Maine — is prompting concern among pediatricians who say he has no scientific proof to back up his claims and is providing covers to potentially dangerous parents putting children further at risk. Continue Reading

The Birdseye plant, birthplace of the flash-freeze process, stood on a barrier beach in the center of “the Fort,” a historic neighborhood packed with marine industry in Gloucester, Mass. Torn down in the fall of 2014, it will be replaced by the Beauport Hotel. For the past century the plant was hit by Atlantic Ocean waves. Despite Massachusetts’ stance against development on barrier beaches like this, the state is providing $3 million for roads and other improvements around the controversial hotel development.

State pays millions to pave way for Gloucester hotel despite beach policy

On one of the grittiest stretches of the historic waterfront here, the peaks of the Beauport Hotel will soon rise above the truck noise and smell of fish. Yet when the last drop of water fills the rooftop swimming pool, the luxury hotel will be more than incongruous with the neighborhood theme. It will also stand as a challenge to even mild climate change predictions. For the past century, storms during high tide have flooded this neighborhood. In the next century, a two-foot rise in sea level, projected by an international consortium of scientists, would put the hotel’s property line underwater. Continue Reading